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When you are charged with a crime, you need the best Utah County criminal defense attorney in your corner. Here is an article on how to find the best Provo Orem criminal defense attorney:

(1). Provo-Orem Criminal Defense – Experience Matters. One of the first and foremost qualities to look for in a Provo-Orem criminal defense attorney is having years of experience in the courtroom. A good Provo-Orem criminal defense attorney will be hard to reach during the 9 a.m. court call and the 1:30 p.m. court call. The morning and afternoon courtroom docket is where busy and successful criminal defense attorneys can be found. They will not be at their office. Experienced Provo-Orem criminal defense attorneys will be at court in the Provo District Court, the Orem Justice Court, the Utah County Justice Court, and the various Provo-Orem Juvenile Courts.
Law is a people-centric profession where relationships are made or broken over years in the courtroom with the judges and prosecutors. If your Provo-Orem criminal defense lawyer does not have a good relationship with the local Provo-Orem judges and prosecutors, you will be out of luck.
How to find the best provo orem criminal defense attorney
(2). Provo-Orem Jury Trial Experience. You must select a Provo-Orem criminal defense attorney who has solid, jury trial experience. Many criminal defense attorneys go to pretrial hearings and sentencings regularly, but few have a solid 20 jury trials under their belt.
Knowing your way around a courtroom is a very important quality to look for in hiring a Provo-Orem criminal defense attorney. Many new or younger Provo-Orem criminal defense attorneys will simply not have the required experience in court due to their youthfulness. Jury trial experience does not come around as much anymore in our modern jurisprudence. It takes years of experience in private practice or having worked as a public defender to get substantial jury trial type of experience.
(3). Pretrial Motion Skill. Prior to a jury trial starting, massive amounts of pretrial maneuvering will occur through pretrial motion practice. The prosecutor and the criminal defense attorney will try to shape the trial in advance through various pretrial motions. Your chosen Provo-Orem criminal defense attorney must be well versed in pretrial motion practice to best shape your defense, prior to the jury trial starting.

Utah County Criminal Defense

Provo Orem Criminal Defense Lawyer Jake Gunter

Provo Orem criminal defense attorney Jake Gunter has been practicing law for 15 years with nearly 20 jury trials under his belt as first or second chair. Over his 15 years he has made over 1,000 court appearances tried over 100 bench trials to conclusion.
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