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Utah’s Child Abuse Registry. What is it?


Utah has four registries for convicted felons. Current as of 06/2018.
(1). Sex Offender Registry.
(2). Kidnapping Registry.
(3). White Collar Crime Registry, and
(4). Child Abuse Registry.

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Utah Child Abuse Defense Attorney Jake Gunter


Utah’s child abuse registry is rather new and came about as a derivative of the sex offense registry. Here are the types of Utah child abuse convictions can will get you placed on the Utah Child Abuse Registry.

“Child abuse offender” means any person who has been convicted in this state of a felony violation of:
Serious Physical Injury Child Abuse. This means: Any person who inflicts upon a child “serious physical injury” or, having the care or custody of such child, causes or permits another to inflict “serious physical injury” upon a child is guilty of child abuse. Inflicting “serious physical injury” can be done intentionally or recklessly.  See this article on how the defense of “Reasonable Discipline” interacts with Utah child abuse cases.

“Serious Physical Injury” for Utah child abuse purposes is defined as:

(a). Fracture of any bone or bones; (b). Intracranial bleeding, swelling or contusion of the brain, whether caused by blows, shaking, or causing the child’s head to impact with an object or surface; (c) Any burn, including burns inflicted by hot water, or those caused by placing a hot object upon the skin or body of the child; (d). Any injury caused by use of a dangerous weapon as defined in Section 76-1-601; (e). Any combination of two or more physical injuries inflicted by the same person, either at the same time or on different occasions; (f). Any damage to internal organs of the body; (g). Any conduct toward a child that results in severe emotional harm, severe developmental delay or intellectual disability, or severe impairment of the child’s ability to function; (h). Any injury that creates a permanent disfigurement or protracted loss or impairment of the function of a bodily member, limb, or organ; (i). Any impediment of the breathing or the circulation of blood by application of pressure to the neck, throat, or chest, or by the obstruction of the nose or mouth, that is likely to produce a loss of consciousness; (j). Any conduct that results in starvation or failure to thrive or malnutrition that jeopardizes the child’s life; (k). Unconsciousness caused by the unlawful infliction of a brain injury or unlawfully causing any deprivation of oxygen to the brain.
Human Trafficking of a Child. This is defined as when “An actor commits human trafficking of a child if the actor recruits, harbors, transports, obtains, patronizes, or solicits a child for sexual exploitation or forced labor. This is a First Degree Felony.

Utah Child Abuse Defense

“Serious Physical Abuse” is defined in the Utah Code.

Attempts or conspiracy to commit these registrable offenses also counts. So does substantially similar convictions in military courts or other states.


90 Days Jail Mandatory.  It is a Third Degree Felony for failing to register on the Utah Child Abuse Registry. Additional, mandatory sanctions are a guaranteed 90 days in jail and an additional one year on the Utah Child Abuse Registry.


Just like the Utah White Collar Crime and Sex Offense Registry, there are 10 year and lifetime registrations for the Utah Child Abuse Registry. As of 2018, there is not early termination removal mechanisms for the Child Abuse Registry.

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