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Using Non Judicial Adjustments for juvenile misconduct is the way to go if offered by a Utah Juvenile court.

There are several ways the government deals with juvenile misconduct.  First, they try to do non judicial adjustment.  Second they can charge the juvenile in Juvenile Court.  Third, they can try the juvenile as an adult because the alleged crime is so heinous and serious.

Here are some of the requirements for using Non Judicial Adjustments for Utah juveniles accused of committing crimes.

  1. Using non judicial adjustment cannot be predicated on requiring the juvenile to admit guilt.
  2. Using non judicial adjustment cannot be predicated on the juvenile’s ability to pay the fines.
  3. The Utah Juvenile Court probation department shall offer non judicial adjustment unless

(A) has no more than two prior adjudications; and
(B) has no more than three prior unsuccessful non judicial adjustment attempts.

  1. The victim still has their rights to restitution.  See this article on restitution for a full description of rights.
  2. The non judicial adjustment agreement signed by the minor cannot extend past 90 days unless by leave of the Juvenile Judge
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Juvenile non judicial adjustments

Failure to Comply with Non Judicial Adjustments.

If you fail to comply with the terms of the Utah Non Judicial Adjustment, the county juvenile prosecutor can petition the Juvenile Court for a formal petition for delinquency and the entire proceedings start again.
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