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Park City Criminal Defense Attorney

Have you been charged with a DUI while visiting Park City, Utah and live out-of-state? Have you been cited for a traffic violation on I-80 near Kimball Junction? Or maybe drug or alcohol charges while boating on Deer Creek Reservoir or Jordanelle Reservoir.

Park City, Summit County criminal defense attorney Jake Gunter can help. Put his nearly 20 years’ experience on your side. He represents out-of-state DUIs, drug charges. Free consultations. ZOOM, Skype or other video conference easily available to meet. (801) 373-6345.

Park City Out-of-State Offenders

If you were visiting Park City and arrested for a crime. Attorney Jake Gunter makes it easy to defend and deal with the charges from your home state. Free Consult TXT/Call (801) 373-6345


If you are charged with a traffic ticket, DUI or a simple Marijuana charge, you have to deal with it. Here is what you can do to deal with your Park City criminal charges.

(1). Google Reviews. Research an experienced Utah criminal defense attorney. Look at their Google/ Facebook reviews. See how long they have been practicing law for and how many jury trials they have done.

(2). Waive Your Appearance. Your chosen Summit County defense attorney will contact the court and waive your appearance in court. On most Misdemeanor charges your Park City attorney can contact the court and waive your appearance without a bench warrant issuing for your arrest.

(3). Plea by Mail. Let your attorney negotiate a plea bargain, a first time offender program or plea in abeyance for your criminal charges. Usually, the entire criminal charges can be taken care of over the phone or by mail.

(4). Misdemeanor Probation. For Misdemeanors, normally any probation ordered for out-of-state offenders will be court reporting only. If you are placed on supervised probation for a DUI with a .16 or greater Blood Alcohol Content, then you can usually use an out-of-state supervised probation agency.

(5). Fines. All fines can be paid over the phone, internet or by mail. Not an issue.

(6). Review Hearings. Sometimes in Misdemeanor cases even court probation will want to see how you are doing and set a review hearing. Reviewing hearings for out-of-state clients can be done over the phone or internet without a personal appearance.

(7). Felonies. Felonies are a whole different matter. You should immediately contact an experienced Park City, Summit County criminal defense attorney to help out.

US Highway 40 Kimball Junction. I-80 Reckless Driving. US 189 Traffic Tickets.

Speeding. Excessive speeding on I-80 or US 40/189 cannot only be a speeding ticket, but you can also be charged with a Reckless Driving.

Reckless Driving. Reckless Driving is where you commit 3 or more moving violations in a 2 mile period, or you are so reckless and careless with your driving that one driving violation is enough.

Reckless Driving Example. Speeding 20 miles per hour over the limit on I-80 near Park City is not Reckless Driving by itself. But driving 20 miles per hour over the limit in a school zone could be.

Reckless Driving Example. Going over 100 miles per hour generally will result in not just a speeding ticket, but a Reckless Driving citation also. Even if the speed limit on US 189 was 70 mph.

Speeding Tickets for Out-of State Clients. The Non-Resident Violator Compact Act.

The key law for out-of-state clients who are caught speeding on I-80 or wherever is the Non-Resident Violator Compact Act.

At the present time, the following states are not members of the Non-resident Violator Compact
(“NRVC”) and will not act on a request to suspend the driver’s license of a person, who has been issued a traffic citation in the State of Utah and who failed to appear or contact the court on the citation: Alaska, California, Michigan, Montana, Oregon, and Wisconsin.

All other states, including the District of Columbia, are members of this compact and, with the
exception of the following traffic offenses, will act on a request to suspend a driver license if the request reaches that state within six months of the date of the violation:

1. Parking or standing violations.

2. Trucker Weight Citations. Highway weight limit violations.

3. Hazardous Materials. Violations of the law governing the transportation of hazardous materials.

Because a request under the NRVC must reach a state within six months, it must be received by
the Utah Driver License Division no later than 5 months after the issuance of the citation. There
is no FTC in the NRVC, only FTAs. If partial payment is accepted by the court, that payment can be made online.

Park City Defense Law Firm

Park City Criminal Defense Law Firm Howard Lewis & Petersen, PC has been around since 1950. Attorney Jake Gunter has nearly 20 years of experience defending people accused of crimes.

Deer Creek Reservoir. Jordanelle Reservoir. Rockport Reservoir. Boating While Intoxicated (“BUI”).

Boating, swimming fishing are amazing recreation in Utah’s reservoirs. Drinking alcohol in a moving boat is illegal. Driving a boat under the influence is a Class B Misdemeanor. All the laws applying to a DUI on I-15 or I-80 on the way to Jordanelle Reservoir apply to your boating DUI/DWI.

Utah has a boating while under the influence .005 blood alcohol limit (“BAC”). Boating DUIs can still suspend your driver’s license and land you in jail.


Park City is a fun town with plenty of night life. Marijuana is still illegal in Utah without a medical marijuana card. Meth, Heroin are Class A Misdemeanors. Drug paraphernalia is a Class B Misdemeanor. Most all drug charges are enhanceable offenses. Driving with any measurable amount of a controlled substance is drugged driving and treated very similar to DUIs.


If you are an out-of-state visitor charged with a crime in Summit County or Park City, let defense lawyer Jake Gunter help alleviate the process. Free consults.

Is the lawyer you are about to call have 20 plus jury trials? Experience matters in criminal defense. Contact Jake today!

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