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Cedar Hills, Utah Criminal Defense Attorney

Cedar Hills Misdemeanor Charges. Utah Criminal Defense Lawyer Jake Gunter.

Cedar Hills, Utah County based criminal defense attorney Jake Gunter has nearly 20 years of experience. Defending people accused of Misdemeanors and Felonies Statewide.

Cedar Hills Criminal Defense Attorney Jake Gunter

Top Questions When Hiring a Cedar Hills Criminal Defense Attorney.

(1). Do you specialize in criminal defense, or do you practice several types of law? Divorce, Bankruptcies, Collections, etc?

ANSWER: A really good criminal defense attorney practices criminal defense and one other area of law. It is really difficult to be a good criminal defense attorney and practice several other areas of law.

(2). How many jury trials have you conducted as the lead attorney?

ANSWER: Serious trial lawyers will have over 1,000 court appearances to their name and double-digit jury trials. Actively practicing, specialized Utah criminal defense attorneys are trying at least 1-3 jury trial per year.

Getting jury trial experience is difficult for younger attorneys. Cases are not tried to juries nearly as much these days. Public defender experience is really good experience trying jury trials, but is not the same as privately retained criminal defense. Prosecuting jury trials is not even close to firsthand defense jury trial experience.

(3). How long have you been a lawyer for?

ANSWER: Real jury trial experience and acting on your feet during tough trials and trial strategy only comes with time as an attorney. Just to see the breadth of criminal cases and have personal firsthand experience generally takes five years or more. Relationships with the local judges and prosecutors also matters; knowing the judge’s tendencies and prosecutor tactics does help.

(4). What is your gut feeling? Do you have trust and confidence in the attorney?

ANSWER: On the phone, calling for the first time, do you have an instant feeling the attorney is knowledgeable? When meeting with the lawyer, do you have an instant connection and trust in what they are telling you?

If you have serious reservations, you may consider getting a second opinion.



Here is a list of some common criminal charges handled out of Cedar Hills, Utah:

(1). DUI. Driving under the influence. Impaired Driving. Metabolite Driving. All driving under the influence convictions are enhanceable offenses. Meaning subsequent DUIs or Impaired Driving charges can be charged at a higher grade.

(2). Drug Charges. Controlled substances, Meth, Heroin, Marijuana or Cocaine. Like driving under the influence convictions. All drug convictions are enhanceable offenses and generally suspend your driver’s license.

(3). Domestic Violence Charges. There are around 25 Utah criminal charges that can have a domestic violence tag applied to them. Classic domestic violence charges are Assault, sexual offenses, child abuse and disorderly conduct.

Domestic violence convictions generally will revoke your ability to possess firearms under federal law. The Lautenberg Amendment to the Gun Control Act of 1968 became effective 30 September 1996. It affects people (police, soldiers or others) who have been convicted of a qualifying domestic violence offense or who are subject to a restraining order.


As of 09/2020, all Class B and C Misdemeanors, along with Infractions arising out of Cedar Hills, Utah, are prosecuted by the Utah County Attorney’s Office in the Utah County Justice Court.

All Class A Misdemeanors and Felonies are prosecuted in the Fourth District Court, either in the Provo or American Fork locations. All Class Misdemeanors are prosecuted by the city attorneys who charged them. All Felonies are prosecuted by the Utah County Attorney’s Office. Felony charges with accompanying Class A or lower charges are still prosecuted by the Utah County Attorney’s Office. Class A Misdemeanors with accompanying lower charges can still be charged in the Fourth District Court and are still prosecuted by the city attorney who initially charged them.

All Cedar Hills, Utah, Class B and below charges are prosecuted at the Utah County Justice Court. Located in downtown Provo at the County Health Building.

Cedars Hills, Utah, Law Enforcement—Utah County Sheriff’s Office.

As of 09/2020, Cedar Hills, Utah, does not have its own justice court or police force. Cedar Hills contracts with the Utah County Sheriff’s Department for law enforcement services.

Utah County Justice Court
51 S University Ave #3300
Provo, Utah 84601
Phone: (801) 851-7200

Utah County Sheriff’s Office
3075 N Main St
Spanish Fork, Utah 84660
Phone: (801) 851-4000

Utah County Jail
3075 N Main St
Spanish Fork, Utah 84660
Phone: (801) 851-4200

Fourth District Court—Provo
137 East Freedom Avenue
Provo, Utah 84606
Phone: (801) 429-1000

Fourth District Court—American Fork
75 E 80 N #202
American Fork, Utah 84003
Phone: (801) 756-9654

Fourth District Court—Juvenile Provo
137 East Freedom Avenue
Provo, Utah 84606
Phone: (801) 429-1000

Fourth District Court—Juvenile American Fork
75 E 80 N #302
American Fork, Utah 84003
Phone: (801) 763-8941

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