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April 23, 2021 |

What is Sexual Battery in Utah? In the State of Utah, a person is guilty of sexual battery if the person, intentionally touches, whether or not through clothing, the anus, buttocks, or any part of the genitals of another person, or the breast of a female person, and the actor’s conduct is under circumstances the… Read more »

Utah Sex Offenses. Utah Sex Offense Charges Broken Down

April 12, 2021 |

Utah Sex Crimes Defense Attorney Jake Gunter Call/TXT (801) 373-6345. Here is a breakdown of Utah’s substantive sex crime charges.  A thorough reading of the statute in effect at the time of the alleged crime and the current reading is always in order.  Utah’s sex offense crimes are changed frequently. Utah tends to punish sexual… Read more »

Utah Sex Offense Statute of Limitations

December 10, 2020 |

Sex Crimes that Can Be Prosecuted at Any Time: The following Utah sex crime allegations can be prosecuted at any time.  The Utah statute is Utah Code Ann. 76-3-1 (2020).  rape; rape of a child; object rape; object rape of a child; forcible sodomy; sodomy on a child; sexual abuse of a child;  aggravated sexual… Read more »

Forcible Sexual Abuse

October 14, 2020 |

Lawyer for Forcible Sexual Abuse in Ogden / Salt Lake City / Provo / Orem, Utah Utah law outlines forcible sexual abuse as the following: (1) The complainant is 14 years or age or older and the actor forcibly touches the anus, buttocks, or any part of the genitals of another, or (2) The actor… Read more »

Utah Statutory Rape Laws

October 12, 2020 |

Statutory Rape is a term applied to consensual sexual relations that is illegal only because of the participants’ ages. Example: An 18 year old high-schooler has sex with his 14 year old girlfriend. Even though the sexual relation was consensual, it is illegal because the boyfriend is 18 years or older and his girlfriend is… Read more »

Custodial Sexual Misconduct Defense Attorney in Utah

September 28, 2020 |

GENERAL RULE: Even if consensual, if you are a prison guard, security guard, police officer, you can’t have sexual relations with inmates, prisoners or people under your arrest. In Utah, you can’t have consensual sexual relations with an inmate if you are a sworn and certified peace officer or security contractor. If your job is… Read more »

Unlawful sexual conduct with a 16- or 17-year-old

September 18, 2020 |

Consensual Sexual Relations with 16 or 17-Year Old. Class A and 3rd Degree Felony. Consent is not a defense to having sexual relations with a minor child aged 16-17 years-old if you are at least 7 years or older than them. Sexual relations with a 16- or 17-year-old is defined in to be: (i)   … Read more »

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