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Utah criminal defense attorney Jake Gunter. Let his 20 years of experience work for you. Recent Case Results

These results are to give prospective clients a feel for what type of outcome may occur in their case. As always, each case is specific to the person and the facts matter greatly. Although each case can be found on the public record, all names are changed and a key identifying facts are changed. Even though all matters can be found in the public record.





Vernal District Court first time offender to mushrooms and pot.  A plea in abyeance was entered with the young person having a criminal conviction.  The client is elibiligle for an expungement after probation closes.

Millard County Justice Court possession and paraphernalia charges along with a false ID.  Out-of-State young people were granted a plea in abeyance.

DOPL (Professional Licensing)

DOPL expungement was perfected taking the disciplinary record off the public website.


Duschesne County Justice Court.  Two individual with hunting/DNR charges were placed on first time offender programs.  PIA. They are both eligible for expungements in 13 months.


Classic reckless driving reduced to a straight speeding with enhanced fine. Juab County, UT.

Reckless driving reduced to a regulard speeding ticket in Millard County, UT.

DCFS Division of Child and Family Services.

DCFS finding set for judicial review dismissed by the attorney general representing DCFS.  All admin findings reversed.




Lewdness. A Class B Misdemeanor Lewdness charge was filed. The public defender appeared and no offer was made on this military member. Attorney Gunter filed his appearance, and a first-time offender program was granted. No conviction, small fine and court probation.

76-5-404.3. Aggravated sexual abuse of a child — Penalties. Client sentenced to 30 days jail. With good time, client was out in 20 days. Normally prison is ordered for this type of child sex crime.

Price City lewdness charges reduced from misdemeanor A to misdemeanor C after successful completion of probation.

ASSAULT & BATTERY/AGGRAVATED ASSAULT Utah criminal defense attorney Jake Gunter. Let his 20 years of experience work for you.

Salt Lake City simple assault charges. A bench trial was set and no offer was made until the bitter last minute (day of trial). A class C misdemeanor was pled to with no jail and the ability to expunge the matter after 3 years.


Orem City misdemeanor child abuse charges were dismissed successfully after a 12-month probation term. Case was completed without a court hearing.

Provo District Court. Elderly man at church disciplined a young disrespectful teenager. He was unfortunately charged with misdemeanor A child abuse. Case was dispensed with a first-time offender program, plea in abeyance. $690 fine and 12-months of informal court probation. Eligible for an expungement in 30 days after probation ends.

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE Utah criminal defense attorney Jake Gunter. Let his 20 years of experience work for you.

Salt Lake City misdemeanor domestic violence charges. First time offender program, plea in abeyance entered. No criminal conviction. No trial, a small $690 fine and educational classes ordered over the 12 months of court probation.

Beaver County District Court felony domestic violence charges.  Felony reduced to misdemeanor A and client was released from jail.  Court probation, a small fine and domestic violence awareness class.

Price, Carbon County, DV charges for strangulation, aggravated assault and battery. All felony charges dismissed, and immigration status saved.


Millard County Simple Marijuana Possession. Client was traveling from out-of-state and pulled over for speeding. Marijuana was found. Case was disposed of without jail time, no conviction and the client kept their driver’s license.

Meth Price, Carbon County. Older woman charged with meth with past record of substance abuse. A plea in abeyance, first time offender program was taken. No criminal conviction, but significant drug testing was required to keep her first-time offender status.

Carbon County Simple Marijuana. Mr. D. was speeding and had simple marijuana on him possession. A first-time offender program was reached, no criminal conviction and a small fine during probation. No license suspension.

San Juan County Simple Drug Possession by Commercial Truck Driver. CLD big rig trucker was passing through a weigh-in station and marijuana was found under his seat. CLD driver entered into a first-time offender, plea in abeyance program resulting in no criminal conviction and a $690 fine.

DUI Utah criminal defense attorney Jake Gunter. Let his 20 years of experience work for you.

West Jordan DUI while client was on probation for an alcohol offense out of the same court. Client entered into the 24/7 sobriety program and tested on a dermatological patch for 90 days. As a result he kept license and didn’t receive the mandatory jail time associated with a high BAC over .16 DUI.

Iron County DUI.  Client was on a warrant from 2016 and her license was suspened because of it.  The DUI was dismissed and a plea in abeyance was entered into.

Millard County DUI at .21 BAC.  No jail time was ordered with 30 days ankle monitoring along with other DUI mandatory minimums, but jail was avoided.

Provo City Justice Court DUI.  Jail time avoided.

Spanish Fork 2nd DUI.  Jail time avoied.

West Jordan Juvenile Court DUI.  Impaired Driving was pled to saving the client’s license. No jail and small fine.

Vernal City DUI.  DUI pled down to Impaired Driving, no jail and the client kept his driver’s license.

American Fork DUI.  An extreme DUI was avoided with extreme DUI mandatory jail sentencing.

Juab County Justice Court DUI.  After a long fight and placing the matter on the jury trial calendar, eventually a DUI was pled to with gun charges being dismissed.  No jail.


MIP Juvenile. Juvenile under 18 years old was visiting Utah and picked up a minor in possession of alcohol in St. George. Case successfully handled under non-judicial adjustment and case is eligible for a juvenile expungement one year after his 18th birthday.

Unintah County Fake IDs. Minors under 21 years old facing felony charges for using a fake ID at a bar in Vernal. First time offender programs were obtained without a criminal conviction entering. Probation, a small fine and no criminal conviction was the result.

VIOLENT CRIMES Utah criminal defense attorney Jake Gunter. Let his 20 years of experience work for you.

Robbery, Domestic Violence, was reduced to a misdemeanor A after successfully completing

probation. Felony 2 Robbery carries 1 to 15 years in the Utah State Prison.

Salt Lake County aggravated assault.  The felony aggravated assault was dismissed saving the client a felony and reduced to a misdemeanor.


Vernal Felony Theft Charges. Mid 40s man having mental health issues was charged publicly with three third degree felonies. All felonies where dismissed, and client pled to a misdemeanor A Theft which can be expunged with 4 years.

Provo District Court Misdemeanor A theft charges.  A first time offender program was entered into with a plea in abeyance and no criminal conviction.  A small fine and court probation for 12 months.


Millard County reckless driving ticket for out-of-stater—California. Class B reckless driving charges dismissed. Client pled to speeding, an Infraction, non-crime, paid $720 fine and closed the case. Millard County prosecutor’s office requires proof a clean out-of-state record prior to entering these types of pleas.

Tooele County reckless driving on I-80. First time offender. A first time offender program was granted. No criminal conviction, a small $690 fine and 12 months court probation. No points on his license.

Juab County reckless driving on I-15. The class B misdemeanor was pled to an Infraction with 75 points, a $720 fine, take defensive driving school and close the case. No criminal conviction.

American Fork reckless driving on I-15. Watch out for this court. But a speeding infraction with an enhanced fine at $920 was granted. Judge threatened jail on first offense at high speeds.

Emery County Justice Court reckles driving.  Class B misdemeanor dismissed and client pled to basic speeding with enhanced fine.  75 points were assessed, but no criminal conviction.

Emery County Justice Court reckless driving.  The class B misdemeanor was ultimately dismissed and the client pled to an enhanced fine and speeding.  No court hearing occured.

Juab County reckless driving.  No court hearng and no misdemeanor conviction.  The reckless driving was reduced to basic speeding with defensive driving school.

Juab County reckless driving 110 plus in an 80.  Misdemeanor B reduced to attempted Class C misdemeanor reckless driving with a 402 reduction upon completion of defensive driving school.

Another Juab County reckless driving case dismissed with basic speeding.

Tooele County Justice Court reckless driving dismissed and a speeding ticket was pled to.

PROTECTIVE ORDER EXPUNGEMENTS Utah criminal defense attorney Jake Gunter. Let his 20 years of experience work for you.

Provo 4th District, a service member was facing a career ending protective order. The protective order was dismissed and expunged under Utah Code 78-7-1-10 (2024).

3rd District Court PO. A PO was filed against this young woman by a gangster. Attorney Gunter filed a counter PO and won.

3rd Juvenile District Court Child Protective Order. After serious litigation and a deposition, the case was voluntarily dismissed by the petition accusing the client of child sexual abuse. A concurrent criminal investigation was ongoing and concluded without charges.


Carbon County Simple Marijuana Expungement. Young man passing through Utah in Carbon County was pulled over for speeding and marijuana and paraphernalia was found. A plea in abeyance first time offender program was pled to. Attorney Gunter moved at 6 months, prior to the full 12-month court probation to terminate probation early and move for the expungement. Result. The client’s record was expunged a full 6 months earlier and he was off probation early.

Wasatch County Expungement. Young woman made traffic and misdemeanor mistakes early in life. She expunged those matters resulting a clean record as he applies to housing, employment and finances.

Orem City Expungement. Man was charged with misdemeanor child abuse and pled as a first time offender without even going to a court hearing. Expungement was started 30 days after his 12 months court probation ended. Fingerprints, as usual, were still required.

Sevier County Expungement. A young medical professional committed wildlife crimes in southern Utah. Years later Attorney Gunter reduced the normal 5 year waiting period to 4 years and expunged his criminal record completely.


Wasatch County 4th District Court felony sex offenses reduced to misdemeanors years later.  Helping the client not be a convicted felony and helping him get his firearms and voting rights back.

PROFESSIONAL LICENSING. Division of Professional Licensing “DOPL.” DOPL licenses over 50 plus professions in Utah. Doctor, dentists, chiropractors, massage therapists, nurses and many more.

Nurse was on a continuous 10-year drug and alcohol abuse stipulation. She tested positive several times during her stipulation. DOPL proceeded revoke her license. Attorney Gunter intervened and negotiated a stipulation to keep the nurse’s license.

Nurse was accused of taking advantage of a client. DOPL filed to revoke his license. Attorney Gunter intervened and a stipulation was offered for probation.

Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor lost his license due to criminal charges being filed.  Charges were dismissed and Attorney Gunter obtain an immediately license reinstatement.  A future DOPL expungement is the works after the criminal expungement.

Provo Justice Court Speeding 0-9 Over. Basic speeding ticket was processed as a first-time offender, plea in abeyance. No conviction with a small fine and 12 months court probation. Never had to go to court. All done by electronic filing.

Orem Justice Court Speeding 0-9 Over. Client paid $350 and never went to a court hearing and a first-time offender program was entered. No points, no conviction and no court hearing. All done by mail.

Lindon City Careless Driving. Young under 21 year driver was cited for careless driving. 40 points on his under 21 driving record where only 100 points are available. Pled case to plea in abeyance and no points hit his driving record. Small $340 assessed.

Orem Justice Court Texting While Driving. 2nd Offense Orem City texting while driving. Normally a very difficult case, but a plea in abeyance was entered.

Failure to Stay at Scene of Property Damage Accident. Young man seeking to get his CDL was charged with a Class B misdemeanor for failing to stay at the accident scene. He had no criminal record and a first-time offender, plea in abeyance was obtained.

Unintah County Justice Court basic speeding reduced to a plea in abeyance.  A small fine and 6 months of court probation were included.  No points and no hearing on this case.

Summit County Justice Court basic speeding.  A first time offender program was used to avoid points and insurance rates.


Utah County criminal trespass while hunting, a Class B Misdemeanor. Like many hunting crimes, a plea in abeyance was accepted. No conviction. A small fine and court probation for 12 months. No court hearing.

Dagget County wildlife charges. A first time offender program was reached with no conviction. No hunting license suspension either. Small $690 fine and statutory wildlife restitution ordered during the 12 months court probation. No court hearings were required.

Sevier County poaching felony charges with priors.  All felony charges were dismissed and reduced to misdemeanor charges.

Hunting License Administrative Hearing, 10 year suspension issued by the DNR reduce from 10 year trophy animal to 8 year suspesion.

Hunting License Administrative Hearing.  4 year misdemeanor B suspension reduced to 1 year.

Utah criminal defense attorney Jake Gunter. Let his 20 years of experience work for you.

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