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Wasatch County — Heber City Criminal Defense Attorney Jake Gunter.  Call/TXT (801).  Let his his nearly 20 years’ experience work for you.


Common Wasatch County Charges:

Meth Charges.  Methamphetamine is a Class A Misdemeanor and is an enhanceable drug offense under the Utah Controlled Substances Act.   If you are stopped on Highway 40 or Provo Canyon Highway 89 with drugs, having an experienced Heber City, Utah criminal defense attorney analyze your case is best.  Meth charges in Wasatch county are charged by the Wasatch County Attorneys Office and prosecuted as Class As in the 4th Judicial District in Heber, Utah.

Heroin Charges.  Heroin is a Class A Misdemeanor and is an enhanceable drug offense. Often drugs are found in your car or in a house where a raid may have occurred. Ensure the police have charged the right people with the right drugs is important.  All too often it is unclear who owns the drugs in the house, the owners or visitors, or leftover and lost from a previous use.  Similarly people in your car may own the Heroin when you are pulled over.   If you are encountering criminal charges that are not fitting because the drugs where not yours, a good Utah drug defense attorney can make the difference.

Heber City Prescription Drug Charges.   Lawfully prescribed prescriptions occur everyday and is not a crime.  It is a crime to package prescription drugs in containers that are not issued to you by the pharmacy.   Further, if you are impaired by lawfully prescribed drugs, you can still be charged with Impaired Driving or DUI.  When you are charged with a DUI or Impaired Driving and you test within your therapeutic range, you have a strong defense.  Even if you test outside therapeutic ranges or were taking your lawfully prescribed prescriptions in a manner not directed by your doctor does not mean that you were impaired or driving under the influence.  You should call an experienced Heber City Wasatch County DUI/Impaired Driving defense attorney to assert a therapeutic range defense.

Heber City Provo Canyon Defense Attorney

Heber City, Wasatch County Drug Distribution Charges.  Simple possession or use of a controlled substance is one thing and carries a Class A or B Misdemeanor or less.  Drug dealing or drug distribution will carry felony level prison and jail sentences.  Often there are drug free zones that enhance your penalties, along with prior drug possession or distribution enhancements.

DUI, Impaired Driving, Metabolite Drugged Driving.   Driving on Highway 40 or Provo Canyon Highway 89 and received a DUI?  You have 10 days to challenge the administrative hearing that will suspend your license for 120 days.  So call a Heber City DUI defense attorney immediately to preserve your DLD hearing.  Boating DUI and snowmobile DUIs are less common, but still entirely chargeable offenses in Utah on Strawberry Reservoir, Deer Creek Reservoir and Jordanielle Reservoir.

Alcohol Charges, Intoxication, Open Container Tickets.   Alcohol use on Strawberry Reservoir, Deer Creek Reservoir and Jordanielle Reservoir is legal, but open containers in cars, or alcohol intoxication are Utah misdemeanors, chargeable in the Wasatch County Justice Court or the Heber City Justice Court.  The Wasatch County Attorney’s Office prosecutes charges in the Wasatch County Justice Court, while the Heber City attorney prosecutes in the Heber City Justice Court.

Simple Marijuana Possession Tickets.   As of 07/2020 street, non-medical use marijuana is still illegal in Utah.  Simple marijuana possession carries a Class B misdemeanor and is an enhanceable drug offense.  If you are driving a car and caught with weed, you Utah driver’s license will be suspended for 120 days.  The normal Heber Wasatch County simple marijuana fine is $683 on the Utah bail schedule.   

Heber City, US40 US89 Traffic Tickets.  Have you received a traffic ticket, Reckless Driving, or a DUI/Impaired Driving on Highway 40, Highway 89 Provo Canyon?

Traffic ticket defense is more affordable than you may think and often you don’t have to go to court.  Wasatch County traffic ticket defense is often around $350 if you don’t want a trial or appeal in the justice courts.

Wasatch County Criminal Defense Attorney


Here are some good reasons to hire a Wasatch County traffic defense attorney to handle your Heber City, Provo Canyon speeding tickets.

(1).  DUIs carry a mandatory 120 driver license suspension.  You have 10 days to administratively challenge this suspension.  It’s on your ticket that they give you.  Your Price DUI attorney can help you file your notice timely and attend the driver’s license division administrative hearing.

(2).  Drug possession and drug paraphernalia possession carries a  120 day suspension.

(3).  Reckless Driving on Highway 89 and Highway 40 like all public roads carries 80 points on your Utah driving record. You only get 200 points before the state starts taking disciplinary action against your license, including suspension.  When you are under 21 years old you get even less available points to burn—only 70 before your license is sanctioned.

(4).  Metabolite or Drugged Driving.  120 day drivers license suspension along with this crime being an enhanceable offense.  Three convictions within ten years is a felony, in any combination of Impaired Driving, DUI or Metabolite Drugged driving.

(5).  Insurance Rates Go Up.  Having any drugged driving, Metabolite, DUIs, or Impaired Driving will skyrocket your insurance rates.  Basic speeding tickets 0-9 miles over carry 35 points and10-19 miles over carry 50 points on your Utah driving record.  Having your Price Carbon County traffic attorney obtain a plea in abeyance, or first time offender program can help reduce insurance rate consequences.


Wasatch County is filled with wonder hunting and fishing opportunities.  The Uintah Wasatch Cache National Forest has trophy big game.  Illegal poaching and hunting crimes generally start at 3rd Degree Felonies and have substantial restitution and license sanctions.

 See this deeper article for Utah hunting and fishing crimes.

Wasatch County Hunting Crimes Lawyer

 Many DNR hunting and fishing crimes will suspend your hunting and fishing licenses for several years.  If you are convicted of a wildlife crime, you are supposed to be notified by the Division of Wildlife Resources as to any proposed action to sanction your license.  Wildlife crimes attorney Jake Gunter can help you through the administrative license process to obtain the best result regarding your Utah fishing and hunting license.

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